Monday, October 8, 2012

Holiday Shopping 2012 Predictions

 Interested in knowing what is in store for the 2012 holiday shopping season? Check out these interesting predictions to plan your shopping.

  1. Overall Holiday sales will rise modestlyHoliday sales will rise from 3.5% to 4% this season, with total sales rising from $920 billion to $925 billion.
  2. “Non-store” sales will rise – Non-store sales, which consists of catalogs, tv, and online shopping, will rise 15%-17% this season.
  3. Luxury spending will soar – 53% of consumers plan on purchasing 1 luxury item this year
  4. Interest in electronics and Black Friday will fade – Many consumers are already equipped with the lastest electronic, and are able to find deals before and after Black Friday.
  5. Amazon – Amazon announced its Black Friday sales 24 hours in advance last year, and engaged in showrooming which allows people to browse items in a physical store before buying them on Amazon. This is expected to happen again this year.
  6. Retailers will fight showrooming – Retailers will try to convince showrooming shoppers to make on-the-spot purchases. Retailers that welcome smartphone shoppers will increase sales.
  7. Gift cards, Apparel Sales, and Regifting – Sales in gift cards will rise 4% this year, with increases in clothing sales as well. Downloadable gifts such as movies and itunes will promote no-wrapping. Regifting will happen more this year, with 32% of people saying it is okay compared to last year’s 25%.

Fore more information on What’s in Store for Holiday Shopping 2012? visit Brad Tuttle’s article from TIME’s Moneyand.

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