Monday, December 17, 2012

Generation Y Not: Day 2

Continued from December 14 post on why Generation Y isn't as bad as society claims.

We embrace change.
I’ve heard and read complaints about millennials who thrive on an ever-changing atmosphere complete with multiple job changes, spouse changes, changes in tradition, culture, and communication. We graduate college and we want to revolutionize, which often ends up changing the structure that an organization has worked hard to create. We change jobs to gain experience and eventually move up while Generation X retires from the same job after thirty years. We get married and we get divorced because we are more unsure and afraid than ever before. We are going to take longer to get where Generation X was at our age because we are different. We have more choices. We have a different life. Opportunity has conditioned us to see the ability to change and make a difference and to be challenged in to being better people. We are more willing to take chances because we are more willing to learn from our mistakes. Generation X wants things done the same way every time, because that is the “right” way; Generation Y shows the world that tasks can be done faster and that everyone brings a unique perspective. In an effort to not get too political, I will highlight some of the issues that have been brought to the surface since, lets say, 2000, and have opened millennial advocate’s eyes for change: marriage equality, healthcare, abortion rights, and clean energy. That is not to say that all millennials support these issues, but millennials are more likely than older generations to support them because we embrace change. The world is different than it was a year ago, a decade ago, a century ago, and it will continue to change as we move right along with it.

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