Thursday, December 20, 2012

Generation Y Not: Day 3

Continued from December 14 and 17 post on why Generation Y isn't as bad as society claims.

We spent our lives being told we can do anything, so why not let us prove it?
I grew up in an era in which all people, no matter what their abilities may be, were celebrated. “Everyone is a winner” is what I hear most people refer to it as, usually while scoffing. The reality is that people don’t like their feelings hurt; people want and value constructive criticism. We want to get better at how we live and work, which is why we need the feedback that so many employers roll their eyes at. We want to live out our dreams but we often need guidance in how to get there. We aren’t asking for a pat on the back for going to the bathroom or for getting to work on time. We are asking for a chance to shine, and when we do, to notice it. Generation Y has a reputation for needing approval, and I can’t understand how that is a bad thing. When we get approval, we know we have done something right, and don’t you as employers want us to do what is right? If we fail, so what? We learned something. Life is about lessons. Just let us do our thing, and if we can’t do it, replace us with someone who can.

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